Best Foam Mattress Topper

A foam mattress topper is an excellent way to change the firmness of a bed or the comfort level for individuals. Many individuals, perhaps due to current economics, hold off on replacing their mattress. In some cases they will buy a Foam Mattress Topper to increase the comfort of their bed. This can extend the use of their current mattress until such time that they opt for replacement. There are many foam mattress toppers on the market, but not all are created equal. This can be quite confusing in trying to decide on the best foam mattress topper.


The thickness of the foam mattress topper is an important consideration

The thicker the foam the more it can retain body heat. Consequently this can be

uncomfortable over time, much like sleeping in a sauna. On the other hand, a foam mattress cover that is not thick enough will not provide the comfort desired. On the average the best thickness for overall comfort, body isolation and less heat retention is 2 inches. This provides just enough thickness for support and comfort for a restful night. Yet if the foam mattress topper s too thick it is difficult to move in the bed and the mattress topper will retain a person’s body heat quite significantly. In the event the foam mattress topper is to be used on a bed where the individual weighs more than the average person, a thicker mattress is required for appropriate support and comfort. In this case a 3 inch or even 4 inch foam mattress topper is best.

Foam Mattress toppers which are sold today are not all the same. Some mattress toppers are not totally foam. In fact, those that are typically advertised under fifty dollars on the average, are not 100 % foam. On the contrary, they typically are made with another material and contain less than 20% foam. Naturally, their longevity and comfort may be acceptable on the short term but in realistic longevity, not quite. The lesser expensive foam mattress toppers tend to not be as comfortable nor do they have the longevity in use. Realistically, proper thickness of the foam mattress topper will alleviate backache, improper body alignment and other discomforts. Another benefit when sleeping with a bed partner is the body isolation the foam mattress topper provides. This body isolation equates to undisturbed sleep even with a restless bed partner.


A disadvantage of a foam mattress topper is that often they let off a particular odor that is a bit unpleasant. Whether this is due to the overall manufacturing process or perhaps the product packaging, is unclear. The odor may last only a few hours or perhaps weeks. It also seems the thicker the foam mattress topper the more likely the odor upon initial unpacking and use. Fortunately, this disadvantage does not last forever and usually dissipates.

Occassionally turning the foam mattress topper helps to keep the shape and comfort of the mattress topper. Cleaning is a breeze for a light spot clean with just a bit of mild soapy water and allowed to air dry. In the event a thorough cleaning is desired dry cleaning the foam mattress topper is required.

Finally, the nominal cost of a 2 inch thick foam mattress topper is significantly less than the cost of a new mattress. The comfort derived from a best foam mattress topper 2017 is well worth effort in exchange for the restful sleep that will be acheived.


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